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In this particular Tapestri App Review you will learn why Tapestri exists, the man right behind the vision, how and why its smart to share this totally free app, and just how it’s distinctive from other apps on your phone.

Let us start with what Tapestri is: It is an application that rides together with all the current other apps on your own phone, silently and then in the background. The reason would be to gather anonymous location data through the everyday cellular phone consumer which includes set up the app, and Pay out them up to $25 dollars every month for anonymous location information. In addition, there is a “Tap a pal, Earn a Buck” feature that people will discuss later on in this application evaluation.

What you may not know is, most totally free applications are free of charge for a cause. Hidden strong in the “Terms & Conditions” of those applications, (which most of us never read) but accept to, it says they are going to track our location information, turn around and monetize it, then that information is marketed for huge amounts of dollars! Exactly how much can we get because of it? Not a penny!

Concern for you… How many apps have you got on your phone? I’ll wager it’s more than 30 right? If you’re a Facebook or twitter consumer, Instagram, TikTok, Weather conditions, Upset Wild birds, Video gaming, or use any Banking apps… Guess what, they are ALL monitoring you and also I, and selling our data.

I’ll bet none of the Applications have actually delivered you a check have they? I know I’ve never obtained any money and I’ve received more than 100 apps. Put simply, IF the App is provided for free, we are definitely the Item!

Tapestri is present to change all that! Their tagline is, “It’s Your Information, You Ought To Get Purchased It”

Take a look at the man behind the curtain, Walter Harrison as he explains within this brief video his vision for Tapestri and just how he has monetized information over the last ten years.

Walter’s previous company, Complementics provides mobile phone area statistics for Fortune 100 businesses for many years and currently deals with information for more than 1 billion devices. Walter marketed his company to info.com back in 2015 as well as this day is definitely the Chief Revenue Official.

Tapestri has the main benefit of leveraging the client base of Complementics along with their improvement team, not forgetting the genius of Walter himself.

What Tapestri Will Not Do: The Tapestri App is not interested in and will never ever gather text messages, pictures, connections, take control of your microphone or any personal information. It does not know individuals, it is actually all based upon a system ID #. So that it has no clue where David, Tom, Susie, or, any one individual is, just the location of each and every device.

In case you have not watched the video above, if hardly anything else, fast toward the 11:45 mark. It is fascinating to view the live demonstration Walter does showing a large number of anonymous devices as well as their location over a map.

Tapestri Compensation Plan

At first with this post I pointed out obtaining paid approximately $25 to your personal data and also the “Tap a Friend” feature. Let’s dive additional into the Tapestri pay out plan.

Because the diagram above demonstrates, as a FREE user you will earn $1 for each and every friend you ask to obtain & set up the Tapestri application. This is not a 1-time recommendation fee like almost every other application provides, it is a left over $1.00 every month for as long as they already have it placed on their telephone.

Share the app with 10 friends, earn $10 (additionally up to $25 all on your own information). Tell 100 friends, you guessed it, make $100 every month. Sharing is Limitless! Tapestri’s objective is always to assist the typical consumer make dollars for that data these are currently handing out at no cost.

In the event that was not a large sufficient incentive to download the free Tapestri application, the founders chose to place a simple Affiliate Marketing Program into place that will pay affiliates on 2 divisions. Now, you will not only be paid around the friends you inform concerning the application, you will also be paid another $1 whenever they tell their buddies.

I know, $1 dollar does not sound like a lot but think about this. You inform a buddy who tells a friend that has a 25k (or even more) subsequent on social media. They create a post about earning $20 for downloading a free application and just 3% download the app based on ichwqp post… That’s a left over monthly earnings of $750 on a monthly basis. Once again, the possibility is unlimited. (This instance is for example purposes only!)

Popular Natural Development Can happen as those buddies share this app with others. Have you been obtaining a better picture of in which is this all heading and why I decided to Review the Tapestri Application?

The price to get an online affiliate is a only $9.95 a month. This can be to pay for management charges, back office and repayment handling. Remember, you’ll make as much as $25 just for having the app set up therefore it can more than purchase itself.

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