Merchant account cancellation fees, also called early termination fees, are fees charged to a merchant who may be ending their processing account agreement early. Establishing a new merchant account costs processing account suppliers cash, known as boarding charges. Cancellation fees assist to get back these new boarding costs, when an account is closed before its phrase. Additionally they improve customer retention, and provide suppliers a chance to rectify any problems. Charges vary, and they are set by merchant account providers. They typically range anywhere from $ to $500 repaired. Know about cancellation fees that are not repaired. This variable termination fee is based on exactly how much a merchant processes (occasions staying months left), and can end up costing 1000s of dollars.

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Here are some ways to avoid (or lessen) processing account cancellation fees.

Communicate with your Current Processor

The top cause merchants desire to change processors is because they found a much better rate having a rival. Comparing prices and fees can be an exhausting, well-timed job. Save the time and energy, and speak with your current credit card merchant account provider about pricing. Let them know that you are currently “buying” around for better rates, and possess them reevaluate your credit card merchant account. Most processor chips do not wish to shed their clientele, and can lower pricing should they can. Keep in mind, that pricing can never go listed below interchange. Current interchange prices are always posted on card connection web sites.

Be worried whenever a vendor supplier is advertising super rates that are low, much lower than other providers. They are most likely showing the pace for PIN-based debit dealings. These prices only pertain to dealings in which a PIN number is entered on the point-of-sale. Credit rating cards are charged at a higher rate. Another difficult prices plan to watch out for is a rock bottom competent rate, with unbelievably high mid-competent and low-qualified rates to make up for it. Talk with your current processor chip and let them know what pricing you might be viewing out there.

Look at your Contract

If making contact with your current processor chip will not be planning to work, look at your processing account contract closely. Read each and every line. Some agreements will have clauses waiving cancellation charges. As an example, if charges increase during the contract term, termination charges are waived. Other agreements may reason cancellation charges for businesses that fall out of business. Credit card processors have different cancellation charges, clauses, and conditions. Read your contract very carefully.


Occasionally you can have your merchant account cancellation charges waived, or decreased by discussing with the processor. Especially when there is a working relationship with the provider, as well as the account is in great standing. As an example, a business owner decides to promote her clothes store to a next door neighbor. In the event the new proprietor open up a credit card merchant account with the current processor, probably, earlier termination fees could be waived

Keep Accounts Stagnant

A merchant can just choose to not use their current merchant account to procedure, and open a new take into account future credit or debit dealings. The “old” account remains open, but the vendor is not handling anything at all via it. This solution may prove to be cheaper than paying a significant cancellation fee. For instance, the cancellation charge on your current account is $300. You have 90 days left on your contract, along with your monthly minimal fee is $25, plus a $10 month-to-month statement fee. You would probably find yourself spending $105 (vs. $300) to go out of it open.

Before opening a second account, ensure that you have contacted your current processor. Communicate your issues. Most reputable processors is going to do all things in their energy to help keep your account.

Cancellation charges exist to enhance consumer retention and recoup any preliminary boarding expenses incurred from the merchant account provider. Merchants who would like to switch processor chips, but are facing an early termination fee, should get in touch with lmdqdc current processor chip with any issues or concerns. Aggressive prices remains the key reason retailers want to close their account. Be aware of pricing schemes created to attract clients. Before switching, ask your provider to reevaluate your bank account and let them know about comparable rates you might have seen. Chances are, they are going to lower your price and retain your small business.

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