This information will discuss the BMW intelligent battery indicator, also known as the BMW IBS. We will explain exactly what the IBS indicator does, typical issues linked to the indicator, and ways to diagnose IBS issues yourself.

* Signs of an unsatisfactory IBS Sensor

* BMW battery will drain when left

* BMW will not go to “sleep,” drain pipes the battery

* IBS is struggling to awaken the DME

* Voltage problem, DME not on. This is often triggered due to a short on the B line.

* Voltage problem DME on, which may be caused to ground brief

* Lifeless vehicle battery power, the car will not begin

Precisely what is BMW Smart Battery power Indicator

The BMW intelligent battery power indicator is connected to the battery’s negative terminal. BMW vehicles rely greatly in the battery power for starting the engine and many other functions.

Battery power performs a critical role in BMW no crank no start. The Smart Battery Sensor (IBS) screens different battery power guidelines like voltage, current, and heat.


The IBS sensor is mounted on battery unfavorable terminal having a ground cable as well as 2 connectors. One from the IBS wires links becomes power through the good terminal. The 2nd cable is linked to the DME and steps the battery weight. This is known as the Bit Serial Data User interface or BSD.

BMW IBS sensor steps several battery parameters including:

* Terminal Voltage

* Charging current

* Release present

* Battery Heat

* SoC (State of Charge)

* SoH (Condition of Health

How you can Diagnose BMW IBS Indicator

We scan the DME unit for problem codes to discover when the IBS sensor on BMW is defective. You may need a BMW analysis scanning device including Foxwell NT510 for BMW or YOUCANIC Full System Scanning device.

* Find the OBD-II dock under the dash board, driver’s part.

* Connect your analysis scanning device into the port.

* Switch on the ignition but usually do not start the engine.

* Turn on your scanner and give it time to get in touch with the onboard analysis system.

* Choose your BMW model and make.

* Go to Control Models.

* Choose DME through the menu.

* Select read problem rules.

Problem codes linked to the IBS indicator are stored in the DME module. The DME will look at the present, voltage, and heat. These information may be stored in the DME module if there is a trouble with the IBS sensor.

* Voltage Fault

* 299B DME Intelligent Battery power Sensor

* 002E8D DME: Smart Battery Sensor, transmission transmitting

The best way to look for IBS Sensor Recall

Every now and then, BMW may remember automobiles when they have been produced with security problems. To find out if your BMW has an IBS indicator recall, you need to contact the dealer and give them the VIN or check for recalls online.

Exactly how much does a whole new BMW IBS Sensor price?

A whole new BMW IBS indicator expenses from $150 to $250, based htqzlm the series. Search for BMW IBS Sensor on craigslist and ebay online.

Can I get around the IBS Indicator on the BMW?

Disconnecting the IBS cable from the unfavorable terminal will disable the IBS communication with DME. This may not be a solution. Skipping the BMW IBS indicator will not be suggested. Should you bypass the IBS indicator, no information through the battery power as well as its demand standing is going to be available for the DME.

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